At the dawn of the new millenium LLUMEN arose like a phoenix from the ashes of the fire that once gave rise to sad cba.

In the mid nineties Pieter Coussement (alongside Ivan van der Herten) started making music in the vain of Suicide Commando, Mentallo and the Fixer and Haujobb, combining up tempo rhythms with moody atmospheres and eery drones, then under the sad cba moniker.
Together they played alongside Project Pitchfork on their Dominion tour in Ghent and on the legendary Eurorock festival. Their aim was combining different musical elements into a unique blended style. When the two long time friends' paths took them to different directions, the project was on hold while new frontiers were explored.

The fire rekindled at the turn of the century, burning more fiercely  than ever before, with Pieter Coussement's mind set on simple goal, merging the music he liked best into an exiting new band, what gave rise to what LLUMEN is today.
Now the headstrong LLUMEN keeps on combining miriads of influences into a 21st century style. Incorporating elements from EBM, gothic, IDM, industrial, (psy-)trance, big-beat, etc into his production, pieter coussement guides LLUMEN to the dancefloor, while honoring the legacy of dark electronic music such as Coil, Front242, Haujobb and Skinny Puppy.

As an international renowned new media artist, Pieter Coussement believes that the integration of a visual identity is key in today's music scene, and relates this to a performance tradition of yesterday, infusing live performances with cutting edge technology and media. When combined with his ongoing research into performance technology and immersive/interactive art at the Institute of Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music, a multi-dimensional experience emerges.

Live LLUMEN is joined by multi-instrumentalist kxsander on guitar and drums and N.D. on synths and controllers. As experienced performers, they are committed to bringing an energetic performance to the stage, full of live interventions and sound tweaking. With the same detail that is put into the music production LLUMEN roams meticulously on the border of visual and aural art-forms, combining novel controllers and real time visualization into an exiting live performance.