It's been a while since I've got exited about a piece of VJ software. I remeber using Arkaoss VJ in the early years. Since then I've focussed more on programming it all. Since there is the fantastic project Syphon, I might just have a second look at modul8. I know for sure that the madMapper app is going to be great in conjunction, doing those things in max/msp using mesh deformation is just not cutting it.


For those interested in the collaboration with Robert Appleton, you can read an interview here

aural inspiration

I was actually still waiting for Uwe Schmidt to release the next Lassigue Bendthaus album, while listening to one of the many excelent marimba interpretations of classic 80's songs. When his latest album Liedgut came out, the waiting was over. Excellent album!! atom tm

visual inspiration

Anton Marini is on a continuous quest of making everything better, while inspiring and enabling everybody else. This is a visual heaven: vade

aural inspiration

Since it was on one of his concerts that I decided to reboot the whole making music process, it is only fare to mention him here: diskonnekted

corporeal inspiration

If you want a good read on embodied mediation, you can start here


I've been making software for/with Robert Appleton's VORTEX work, while I was visiting we performed at the music galery in Torornto. You can watch the vids from the performance at his youTube channel.